Boarding House

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What does it mean


Harvest welcomes boarding and day students from across the country and around the world. You will feel right at home in our family-like community.

Our students join sports teams and clubs, becomes peer leaders and performers. We cheer on our fellow students at community meetings and weekend talks and dorm bonding nights. We take trips to town for a slice and bagel and give back to our community.


We’re home to an uncommonly diverse group of students, faculty, and staff who are fully engaged in the community experience. Our faculties live homes attached to dorms, our day students stay on campus long after classes have ended, and our boarding students come from all over the country and around the world.

We have home-style dinners and school picnics; we have regular visits to local attractions, we have week gatherings, where community members share stories, songs, and ideas that matter to them. Our dorm parents develop programs both intellectual (debates about ethics and leadership) and entertaining. And we have easy access to amazing things off campus – or just into town for a great slice of pizza.

No matter who you are, you’re part of an exceptionally smart and incredibly warm global family when you’re at Harvest campus.

The short guide to life at Harvest


Your mentor will help you navigate your academic path at Harvest, but your relationship will transcend the classroom. You’ll meet with your mentor for regular check-ins and share meals with their mentee group on a regular basis. If you have questions, need a helping hand, or just want to share some good news, your advisor will want to hear about it. Mentors at Harvest are there for their students.


Here, you’ll find all of your homework assignments and engage in discussions with your classmates and teachers about upcoming projects, classroom assignments, and assessment topics.


Every Wednesday we gather in Auditorium for announcements, class contests, pep rallies, guest speakers, awards and other activities. It’s run by students, for students – and there’s always a surprise in store!

Meeting and Service

At Harvest, we give back to the local community. You can make a difference for everyone around you by choosing from multiple off-campus service programs.

Dorm Bonding

Excitement filled opportunities such as yoga, Cake Wars competitions, kickball, or simply talking to your dorm parent about anything you may need.


Your dorm supe (or dorm supervisor) is your cheerleader, advocate and point of contact for your residential life. Along with the other dorm faculty, they enforce dorm rules and encourage dorm fun.

Standards of Dress

Your student handbook will give you all the details, but at Harvest our dress reflects our belief that personal appearance affects manners, morale, attitude and general conduct in any community. We have standards of dress specific to the academic day, formal school events and mealtimes.

Family Style Prefects

One evening every week, you’ll bond with the rest of the community at a sit-down dinner. Wearing “family style” dress – jackets and ties, skirts or dresses, you’ll share an old-school family meal with faculty and fellow students.


Your go to student on the day of your arrival! Junior and senior student leaders who serve as role models and mentors for younger students. They’ll give you advice on how to deal with overall transition to life at Harvest.


Scheduled Saturday Night Activities – movies, plays, trampoline parks, mall trips, sporting events, and amusement parks, to name a few. All students are welcome to attend – free of charge.

Study Hall Prep

Study Hall is reserved quiet time on campus for homework and review. Faculty and prefects are available in the dorms and review and extra help sessions are held in faculty apartments or classrooms.